Style & Method

Our Style

Pioneering is our style. New and fresh is our standard.

Before releasing a new seminar, project, or initiative, the idea is faced with a rigorous set of no-mercy tests, often judged by our strong Academic Department, experienced managerial staff, and our in-touch front-line student representation. We make sure that when you hear about our new launch, it’s unique, highly beneficial, and extremely exciting!

This is how we managed to take university-level Islamic education and repackage it geared towards those seeking to learn about Islam in the West, the young and old alike. Our weekend seminar structure makes Islamic Sciences not only at easy reach but also in high demand.

Our Method

Our instructors commit many months custom-designing a seminar, researching and compiling content from classical texts, which are hard to come by. Keeping our audiences in mind, instructors tailor the material found in classical texts to suit the needs and requirements of our student body. At times, this requires supplementing classical material with modern sources and adding content not found in older works.

The material is then handed over to a professional student-material design team that helps in producing audiovisual and printed content for the class. The final product is a high-quality unique seminar simultaneously relevant to the average Muslim and enlightening to the avid student of knowledge.

AlMaghrib seminars are intensive in nature; the goal in mind is to teach students within a single/double weekend more than what they have learned in the past five years of personal learning in that specific topic.

A typical weekend seminar follows this format:

    Weekend Seminar Format
  • Start on Friday evening and continue throughout the Saturday and Sunday, typically lasting 35-45 hours in total.
  • There are sufficient breaks to allow students mental and physical time-outs – this way information is easily digestible and students do not tire.
  • Instructors assign recommended reading and share tips on how to prepare academically, mentally, and spiritually for the seminar, so that students can familiarize themselves with the material and maximize the benefit they acquire from the seminar.
  • The seminar includes interactive sessions and activities, which encourage students to interact with the material they have learned and introduce them to innovative and reflective ways of expressing their thoughts and feelings about the seminar.
  • An online exam of the material will be administered approximately one month after the seminar, to ensure students retain the information learned, and to evaluate the level of comprehension. For the seminar to count towards a Bachelor's degree in Islamic Sciences, the student is required to take the exam and receive a passing grade.
  • PowerPoint presentations and other Audio/Visual methods are routinely used during the seminars.
  • Each student registered for the seminar receives a binder that outlines the material and facilitates absorption of the information taught.
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